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About Preferred Tea

Welcome to Preferred Tea!

Our passion is tea. Our mission is to bring our customers an unparalleled tea experience—in essence bringing the tea gardens of the world to the doorstep.

We are discerning in our tea selections. We choose premium tea from the best tea gardens of the world. We customize our blends, drawing on our many years of sampling teas to find that special cup of tea. New blends are continually being added.

Not only do we want to provide tea that tastes exceptional, but we want to provide education to help our customers appreciate all that tea has to offer. We have found many people who would choose a cup of tea over any traditional soft drink if only they knew how to make it. We have over-the cup infusers with directions to make it easy, convenient and fun.

Here at Preferred Tea, we welcome your ideas, comments and questions. Help us to know what you need for your total tea experience!